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We are a Dot com now

          When did this happen?
          How did this happen ?
          Who is going to bear the charge for this?
          And what difference will it make to us ?

Well the answers are coming quick and fast and i want you to know as well !!

It happened last month. But will take some time before it is fully functional.
We got in touch with Mr.Mayur P Karnik and Mr.Mihir P Karnik from Ahmedabad who are into Web site Development.
They have made this possible for all of us and that too free of cost.
From now on they too will be part of the Web Site Development Team.
could visit them at

This could make a huge difference to all those who want to their post Advertisements and Matrimonial. We have an existence of our own and can boast of having a dot com for ourselves now.

Could put this as the surprise of the month !!!!!!

Thank you for visiting us !!!

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