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The President's Address


Dharampur C. K. P. Samaj has been in the existance for over five to six decades in Mumbai. In the initial stages, it was in the form of unregistered association. In those days also several members were actively working towards the welbeing of the C. K. P. members residing in Mumbai. Personalities like Dr. Sampat Mohile, Shri. Hari Chaubal, Dr. Phanse, Shri. Shyamrao Chaubal, Shri. V. C. Karnik, Shri. Shantaram Mohile ,Shri. Bhikoba Vaidya are still remembered as foundering fathers of this Samaj.Even at present persons like Shantaram N Desai, Dattaraya G Mohile, Vyankatesh B Karnik , Mukund N Chaubal, Prabhakar n Chaubal, Baburao A Karnik are doing a lot for the uplift of our community.

With the passage of time, the circumstances changed, the number of C. K. P. families increased their dwelling became more scattered over larger area, their educational level became higher and life-style became more urbanised. A need was then felt to get the Samaj a legal entity. The Dharampur C. K. P. Samaj was registered as legal entity. The management of the Samaj was thus placed under a legally and democratically elected President and managing committee to function according to the approved constitution of the Samaj.

Monetary transactions were subjected to strict accounting descipline under legal control of the State Authority. Election of the office-bearers and committee members are governed by rules of the constitution. The Samaj is only a cultural organisation without any political colour. For a long time, the Samaj organised a number of cultural programmes; but unfortunately for a short time thereafter there was a period of lull and the Samaj became nearly dormant due mainly to the lack of young workers. Fortunately, however, this stage has now became a thing of the past. Bitter by this democracy, the youngsters jumped in and as a result, the present team of office bearers is a group of dedicated young activists who have, by their efforts, awakened the Samaj from its slumber and galvanised it towards the uplift of our community. To start with, the present managing committee arranged " Community Puja " at Borivali. This evoked a very good response from all members who made it a " Grand Success " . Similarly a small " Get Together " was also organised by this committee at Madh island. The young members also mvery successfully collected over one lakh Rs. for the renovation / reconstruction of " Shri Sati Mata Mandir " at Dharampur. The entire amount has been handed over to " The SatiMata Jirnoddhar Samiti " at Dharampur. This was a unique achievement of these enthusiastic and energetic young workers. " The Vitthal Rukmini Pratisthapana " at Dharampur is also a fine result of dedicated youngsters of Dharampur, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Surat, Vapi and Silvassa .

They have now started a project for publishing the second edition of the Directory of the community. This is a gigentic job and requires continuous hard labour to obtain and collect necessary information not only from those scattered all over Mumbai; but also from other cities such as Vapi, Navsari, Surat, Baroda, Ahmedabad,Nasik, Nagpur, Mandavi, Silvassa etc. It is gratifying to note that they are getting good response from all quarters. There is no doubt that these young dynamic members of the existing managing committee have been showing definite signs of their positive efforts to scale the height. There is still a long way to go. These workers are marching forwards; but they do require our positive support and co-operation. With right support and help, both in cash and in kind , much more can be accomplished. Samaj can reach the height where it can be of help to our community in areas like education, medical treatment etc. If every hand is extended with money, man-power and fellow-feeling to work in a collective endeavour, our Samaj will definitely be able to achieve this dream in reality.


Shri. Prabhakar G. Mohile


Dated 10th March 2000

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